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Thomas, a Dutch platform, creates an active and interactive collaboration between all religion teachers of all educational networks in Flanders and all those involved in faith education (among young people). All actors of Flemish religious education and pastoral education at school can freely meet here in a qualitative framework designed and maintained by the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of KU Leuven. Thomas lives from the conviction that we are stronger when we work together, and that through intense interaction we can search together how the philosophical and religious dimension of reality can be made accessible to young people in a contemporary way.

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Enhancing Catholic School Identity

The foundations of Enhancing Catholic School Identity are rooted in the pedagogical theology in development at the Catholic University of Leuven since the time of the Second Vatican Council. The call of the Council is to “…” [renew] our witness to Jesus Christ and “…” [reprofile] our faith tradition in relation to a changing world.

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Centre for Peace Ethics

The Centre for Peace Ethics was founded in 1986 by Prof. Dr. Roger Burggraeve and Prof. Dr. Johan De Tavernier and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011. The centre focuses on research, teaching, and service to church and society related specifically to the ethical and theological aspects of war and peace. Since the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the centre’s main focus has shifted from dealing with the question on the use of violence and the use of military deterrence by different ideological parties, to coping with the issue of peaceful multicultural coexistence and the reconciliation between different people and different religions. Particular attention is being paid to the Jewish and Christian approaches to the peace issue(s). The study of themes such as ‘war and peace’, ‘violence and tolerance’, ‘evil and reconciliation’ took shape in a multitude of scientific research projects, seminars, national and international colloquia, publications, and activities related to teaching and social outreach.

Coordinator: Didier Pollefeyt

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